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02/15 Check out which shows, conferences, and events Bemes, Inc. will be a part of in 2015. We hope to see you there!
06/13 Bemes, Inc. partners with International Biomedical and is proud to offer the full spread of their top-of-the-line Airborne Transport Incubators.
11/11 Bemes, Inc. employee Mark Kostecke is named Sentec troubleshooter of the year.
12/10 Bemes, Inc. employee Larry Beck receives Sentec's Best Idea Award for his innovation of the magnetic docking station door lock.

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Custom Parts and Additional Services

We strive to provide you with the highest quality customer service in the areas of sales, service, and rental. However, we do realize that sometimes the needs of the customer do not fit neatly into these categories. Below are special services that we offer to make life easier for our customers.


Custom Fittings and Assemblies

Do you know what you want, but just can't seem to find it anywhere? Bemes, Inc. may have a solution for you! When a desired product is nowhere to be found, contact us and we may be able to manufacture a custom product that suits your needs. We have experience customizing hoses, fittings, regulators, and flow meters into unique products that satisfy unique demands. To get started, please e-mail Tim Schehl with a description of what type of product you are looking for and what sorts of things you'd like for it to be able to do.

email Bemes, Inc. to request a custom part


Online Request for Rental Returns

Have you rented a piece of equipment from us and are now finished with it? For returns of rental equipment, you may now send us an e-mail notification and we will come to you to pick up the equipment as soon as we are able. To get started, please send us an email stating your name, your location, the types of equipment you are wanting to return, and the serial numbers of the relevant equipment. We will then process your request to return the equipment, stop billing, and come to your location to get the equipment as soon as possible.

email Bemes, Inc. to set up a return of rental equipment


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